Eli the fearless

A nice creative title for this post as things like “Whats happening” and professional titles were getting boring.

So anyways a lot has happened since I last posted. I’ll start with the VPS that I once had. A few days ago my server and the entire VPS node I was hosted on went down due to a Kernel Panic and it stayed that day for over 2 days. People got pissed and when the server was fixed, Shik couldn’t deal with the reputation his company got and the loss of clients from this downtime so he announced that he was closing his company. When that happened I transferred all my accounts back to Vlexo and my VPS will be shutdown the 19th. It was fun well it lasted.

In news unrelated to the current hosting situation I have a date to my senior prom 😀

Server issues

Well for about a day or so this server has been down. It was due to an issue with perl and CentOS updating to 5.3. It was down for so long because I was hoping that the techs would fix it but they never did. So I just restored my server from a backup I made on the 24th. The problem came back when I did but I just ended up fixing it myself this time.

And look. The server is up!

CentOS Sucks

After getting familiar with my VPS’s OS I have come to realize that it is all I have come to hate. All the software on here is old and outdated and causes a dependency disaster when trying to install current programs. I really wish that cpanel was able to run on Arch Linux. That would make things so much easier. Also, is there a reason CentOS is using Linux kernel 2.6.18 when 2.6.29 is the latest? DUMB!!!!

By the end of this servers life I’m probably gonna compile the newest of about half of the programs on here. 😛

In other news Shik has given me a Status2k license for my server!

Check it out: http://status.eliloewen.com

I’m thinking MySQL is the next one up to be upgraded. Lets hope I dont corrupt or drop all my databases!


So I have finally got that VPS server I talked about a while back. 😀

I now have my own server I can change how I want! All mine! For free!

Although there is something wrong because I cant send any mail using my contact form so I have to look into that.


I love you Shik! 😀