Life goes on

Well I guess I’ll talk about whats going on with me.

A week or so ago I installed the newest version of Songbird which since the last time I used it has very much improved. So because I always hated having to go into windows and into iTunes to manage my iPod, I transfered my entire music library to my Linux and loaded it all into Songbird. Now no more windows to manage the iPod.
I also managed to edit a file and mess it up on my computer so when I restarted, Arch would not boot. And this is where I learned how to boot into the CD and mount my root Linux partition and revert the messed up file. Without the mistakes how will we ever learn new things 😛 .

Right now I’m ‘winning’ at my senior project with having 37 out of my required 40 community service hours done with. In the end of everyhting I should have far over my required hours. In the Web design class that im teaching we are just getting into CSS and to me its fun since I know all this stuff well enough to teach an entire class.

About three days every week I have to stay after school for NHS, ASB, and Mentoring. Hopefully all this is going to be worth it when I’m applying for a college. And I have registared for the SAT that will be in November. I really need to study.

The last thing I got is that tomorrow morning I have to go the the college and take the ASSET test which if I pass I will be able to get 5 collage credits for my english class. If I dont pass this I am going to be really dissapointed. So hopefully I’m going to do well.