Vacations over :'(

My trip to Las Vegas is coming to an end. Skydiving is a 5/5, 10/10, or 20/7. The best part of it is when you first jump out of the plane and the first seconds of free fall. I would do again in a heartbeat if I have the chance.

I then walked the entire Vegas strip, looking at all the hotels and etc. It was fun and all that, I got 10 hrs of ILP PE hours. And we went out for food, stayed with “dancers”, and went on rides 1000 feet in the air at the Stratosphere. All in all it was a good week-end.

Right now I’m writing this in the airport terminal waiting to get on the plane to go home. I’m really surprised that this airport has free wifi, all the wifi I have seen at airports have been pay to surf.

Now I must charge my laptop for the flight ahead.

Going Sky High

Time for another post!

First of all, a few days ago I got a plane ticket to go to Vegas and go skydiving with my nephew. For his 18th birthday he wanted to go skydiving and thats what he got. So, it wouldn’t be any fun if you didn’t have anyone to go with right? Well….. I guess it would still be fun.. But not the point. Me and him are going to be leaving the night of the 21st and we are getting back the night of the 24th. Hopefully nothing will go wrong!

Then today I had to wake up at 6:30 and go to the school that my SAT test was scheduled for which was like 20 miles (32km) away. So I got there, took the test, 5 hours later I was done. I really hope I did well. But I will know in two weeks, I was told.

Right after the test I realized that the DOL is open on saturdays so I was like “Why not?” so we went there and I waited for almost an hour, got up there and I scheduled my drivers test to get my license which was $20 and I think I renewed my permit which was another $20. My test is now set for the the 6th of December then hopefully comes the license.