Past few days have been CRAZY

Most of this has to do with Vlexo. But what was happening was that it all started out with the domain expiring. This led a lot of us to believe that Jon was not paying some of the bills. So, so people dont freak out I sent a mass email out telling people to use a imountain alias for the Vlexo forums. Other then that we thought we were all fine but I got to wondering what else he hasnt been paying for..

Jon had not been online for quite some time so I went over to Wiredtree and submitted a ticket asking about the payment plan for the server and how its being paid. A day later I got a reply that shocked me:

It looks like the payment has been sent via PayPal, and it is not automatic, from what I can tell. It looks like there is an invoice that is 7 days past due right now. This will need to be paid today to prevent interruption of service. If you have any other questions, please, let me know.

This news was completely new to me and I didn’t not know he was this late on the payment. So my next reply was asking for an extension on the payment as there was NO WAY that we could find someone to pay it in one day or to get everyone on the server to backup their account in that amount of time. WT’s response was:

I do not think we can keep the server open another week without payment. We can give you one more day or so to make arrangements for payment. Please, keep me updated on this issue.

I was given one extra day to get everyone on the server to back up. So I mass mailed the entire server that Vlexo was closing and they need to make a backup. It caused a mass panic as suspected. But I kept talking to WT and I managed to get it extended to 4 extra days. That was enough time to find a solution. So I had WT use their info on Jon to call him and tell him his server is going to be shut down and he needs to pay his bill. They then managed to get in contact with him and he came online and renewed the domain and paid the server bill.

That is the story of the almost destruction of Vlexo.