Whats happening with Eli?

It seems that I haven’t posted anything about whats happening with me in a while. So I guess I’ll fill you all in about everything going on with me recently.

I will start this off by talking about my new OS. So I have been using Ubuntu linux for all of my Linux life, but I was always being held back, and I wanted more control over what I had installed. You see with Ubuntu when you install it it comes installed with a pre-built desktop environment and a bunch of applications that are useful and a bunch more applications that are just useless for me. Also a big thing that I didnt like was that most of the files are out of date. I love having the newest of everything and Ubuntu just wasn’t cutting it for me. Now I know that Ubuntu is made for Linux “noobs” and up to date software means bugs and complaints from the people who have absolutely no idea whats going on, so I guess its good for that reason. So. I looked around the web for the best distro that would suit my needs, and I have found it. ArchLinux. This distro installs with only the minimal amount of apps and with no desktop environment. Its is great because I get to install, setup, and configure everything I want the way I want. One of the best parts about this is that ArchLinux is on a rolling release cycle, meaning all the software in the repos are up to date all the time.

Another thing that I have been doing (or not doing) is my senior project. I have to create lesson plans and the entire curriculum for the web design class that I’m going to teach. I REALLY need to get working on this! I need motivation. Someone motivate me!!!!

I also need to start studying my SAT book… I need to take the SAT!!!!! AHHHHHH!

The last thing is I have just installed Rockbox on my ipod. Again. Hopefully this time the battery will last.