MacBook unwrapping!

So I got my new MacBook on the 21st but I have been very busy to make the post on here. So now I have decided to relax and take a break. So right now my break includes updating my blog!

So far my impressions of my MacBook are that it is one fantastic laptop! iSight is crystal clear, the multi-touch trackpad is one of the best features. OS X only supports 4 finger tracking so far but I saw a video that shows it is capable of tracking up to 11. But 4 is good enough 😛 .

This is my first time using OS X so I’m fairly new to it. But the OS is pretty easy to use and learn. But the way the file system is laid out seems to me a little unorganized and that Linux is better in that field. Really, if Linux supported everything my MacBook has then I would be using that right now. But I guess I’ll get use to it.

I did do some experimenting and partitioned the HDD and added 2 new ones (main and swap) to install arch on. But when I installed it I get a lot of dbus errors. It could be something I did, but whatever. I also couldn’t get my trackpad fully functioning. So in a day or so I’m going to install Ubuntu intrepid over arch and see if everything works there.

Now, below is a gallery of pictures of that happy day. 🙂

Buying a MacBook?

Well today I started thinking about buying one of the new MacBook laptops. And when I say new, I mean new. These were just released today. For a while now I have really wanted and maybe needed a laptop for school. I am going to need one sooner or later for college anyways.

But so my choices are buying the MacBook or a regular non apple laptop. The macbook’s are the most advanced and top of the line laptops and the one I would get would be a final cost of about $1500. But I do have the money to buy it, it would be a huge chunk out of my savings.
Then there is the regular laptop. They can range from $600-3000.. These laptops tend to break down faster the apple’s and are less reliable. But these are also more customizable. These tend to have Vista install by default but I would end up just installing Arch Linux on it (There is no way I’m going back to windows).

I guess I’ll think about it and see if my parents will pitch in some money to help the cause :D.