Welcome IE6 Users!

Actually not.

If you are using IE6 and have visited my site then you should be very familiar with what I have done. And your probably mad at me right now. But you know what? I don’t care! You are obsolete and I refuse to let you even look at my site.

For everyone else who uses a more up to date browser this is what I have done. I have added some PHP code to my doctype page which is included in all of the pages on my site (blog excluded) and the code detects to see if the browser that is being used to view my site is IE6 or not. If it is detected as IE6 then they are instantaneously redirected to a special page that I have made for them.

That page is: http://www.eliloewen.com/ie6.php (Can only see it with IE6)

Basically all the page does is randomly pick 1 of 5 “I hate IE” pictures that I have and displays one.

I hope you enjoy that page 🙂

And in all seriousness. If you still use IE6, the entire internet and every good web developer in the world hate you. So upgrade to Firefox, Safari, Opera, or IE8.

For as long as you use IE6 you will not be able to see my website.

Enjoy my blog 🙂