New design up

I believe I have finished everything up on the new design. So its up!

The things older browsers and the IE series wont see with this design are the rounded corners, image drop shadow, correct font, check on every visited link in the content and the sites logo in the head. Sorry IE users but I dont wanna hack for you.

I would also like to thank Adobe Kuler for help with the colour scheme and the people who commented on improvements for the design in the beta stages. 🙂

Hope everyone enjoys it.

Why is Microsoft so stupid??

Seriously, M$ lives in the past and they are afraid to move into the future. IE8 for example. They need to let trident die. For gods sake, IE8 is JUST passing the ACID2 test! The main thing M$ is doing is trying to be compatible with everything before it. Let the web pages that are not coded to standard die already. I could go on and on with this but I’ll just say the gist of it. Every version of IE is bad. It is causing the most harm to the internet then any other browser. So I urge anyone who is still using any version of IE to switch to Firefox or Opera (or Safari if you prefer that) because I’m not going to test my sites with IE anymore and I’m not going to try to hack them to make them work. I will also be using a bunch of HTML, CSS, etc elements that IE does not support, and probably wont support for a long time.

Just a short list of things IE8 wont support are CSS3, SVG, and true XHTML 1.1.

By the way, I’m using Firefox 3.1 beta 3 nightly build, and Opera 10 alpha 1. I also have Safari 3 (and have tested Safari 4 developer beta but I saw no difference) but I don’t use it and don’t like it.