Nothing to do but wait.

Time is running out and and the end is drawing near. Less then a week left until school starts up again.

It seems that I have ran out of things to do on the internet and so im bored.. Sucks huh? But its a good thing I have a great girlfriend (Hailey) to hang out with and keep me from living a lonely life.

But apart from me being bored and all that stuff, WordPress 2.7’s new admin interface seems to be really nice ;). And the new plugin fresh from the Mozilla Labs for Firefox called Ubiquity is really really useful. So im going ot add that to my top 3 FF plugin list!

  1. Adblock Plus – Not seeing all those ads makes life so much better.
  2. Ubiquity – Even in 0.1 alpha this thing is godly.
  3. Foxmarks – Makes life easy when you have multiple OS’s and a portable firefox.

Theres the list, enjoy it 😀

Also I added a theme to this blog…. And recoded it to be XHTML 1.1. Would you expect anything less?