Been busy

If you didnt know I have another domain at and I let it die. But awhile ago I posted an announcement asking someone to design a new design for the site and I got one. So I have been working on coding the design and its finally done. The site is now alive and I’m not a bad webmaster anymore!

In other news, I have installed an OpenID plugin into this blog so now you can use your OpenID instead of having to register at yet another site.

Lastly, this server has a few unused IP addresses so I have transferred my account to a dedicated IP instead of the shared one. I then created and installed an SSL certificate for So if anyone wants to browse the site with an encrypted connection just go to You will most likely get an invalid certificate or connection error/warning with your browser but thats only because it is a free certificate from The only thing that it doesnt like is that I didnt buy it from one of those expensive SSL companies.