Buying a MacBook?

Well today I started thinking about buying one of the new MacBook laptops. And when I say new, I mean new. These were just released today. For a while now I have really wanted and maybe needed a laptop for school. I am going to need one sooner or later for college anyways.

But so my choices are buying the MacBook or a regular non apple laptop. The macbook’s are the most advanced and top of the line laptops and the one I would get would be a final cost of about $1500. But I do have the money to buy it, it would be a huge chunk out of my savings.
Then there is the regular laptop. They can range from $600-3000.. These laptops tend to break down faster the apple’s and are less reliable. But these are also more customizable. These tend to have Vista install by default but I would end up just installing Arch Linux on it (There is no way I’m going back to windows).

I guess I’ll think about it and see if my parents will pitch in some money to help the cause :D.