New Layout Coming

Thats right, I’m in the middle of creating a new layout for the website. I have decided to get off my gray scale streak, and this layout is going to have more color…. mostly blue..

Anyways I think this new creation is going to be great (not gray). Right now I’m in the middle of making the rollover buttons. As of right now, I don’t know when its going to be done…. I have a lot of homework to do ( sounds fun dosent it 😐 ).

Anyway…… Its Snowing!!!

The website is finished!

Today is the day!!
I am finally finished making I am extremely tired right now but alive enough to write this. The only things I have left are to add some links to the links page on the website and find a good theme for this blog. Thats just for this website 🙁 . I still have to do everything for Because of the new switch of hosts im going to edit a lot of stuff for that website and i have to upload everything again. I also have to see if i can import the mysql tables to this new host from the old one.
Well thats about it. Check back here for more blog posts!

–Eli L.