After the war

I had a dream, where the world gleamed with the sights and sounds of everlasting peace. The sound of music echoes throughout the cities and the people are together as one. Following the end of the war there are no more fights to be fought and there are no more deeds to go left undone. We are joined together with a single goal, with a single purpose and the motivation to get it all done. Selfishness, greed, hate and corruption have long since been tossed aside and thrown out to leave way for the new found real purpose of what it means to be human. And with this new humanity, people are able to live. Truly live.

The war was not one of violence, not one of hate or one of power. The war was one of mind, of thought and of knowledge. Many call the time before the war “Hell”. Does that mean that we call the present Heaven? You could if you wanted to; but to most people its just the present, its where we live, its whats been for quite some time. We know whats out there and we know how to get to it. We are still trying to fix the mistakes our race left in the past. The destruction of our forests and the raping of almost every piece of land. The wild life has suffered from all of this most of all, but we’re trying to make things right again. We have learned from our mistakes and every one of us is doing our part to fix it. We have replanted many forests and we have destroyed countless abandoned and useless buildings and homes so we could replace it with parks and fields. The pictures of the past we all saw as children in the old books at the library are no more. I don’t understand how people back then could do that to our planet. But sadly they did, but they suffered for it. The sad fate of thousands of people due to the destruction of the land, earth and the greed of the rich was almost as bad as genocide in the time line of things. But we learned.

We rebuilt the world from the ground up and we succeeded. Whats left to do is not up to me, but up to the people as a whole.

Nature around me #2

I’m sitting in an open field. The weather is warm and there is not a cloud in the sky. The sun is shining on everything that I can see. There are no buildings, streets, electricity, or any other sign on humanity as far as I can see or hear. The grass I’m sitting on is green and filled with life, as well as the trees I see that around me. The sound of birds echos in the air and drift away with the breeze that sweeps by. As I sit there my body relaxes and all stress leaves me, clearing my mind and opening it to the pure nature around. Any memory or thought of the world I came from quickly leaves my mind and disappears leaving only the now and the future. I think to myself how this all exists. The random natural perfection that I see amazes me and no matter what I look at, I don’t see a creator; I don’t see a designer; I see nature. The untouched path that is perfect in all ways imaginable.

The sun shines bright in my eyes and I close them. The sounds around me get louder and the little things are now more noticeable. Its peaceful. Its relaxing. I fall back into the soft cushion of the the grass; my arms are spread out to my sides. It felt as though the ground had formed around me into the perfect shape. As I lay there I lose track of time. I thought to myself how long I had been laying there. Had it been 1 hour? 2 hours? a day? I didn’t know. I didn’t care. I was where I wanted to be. But a feeling went through my body; a piece was missing.

The sounds around me started to fade and the red of the sunlight through my eyelids turned to black. I was asleep.

I awoke to the sound of a voice. A voice of a girl saying my name. The sun in my face kept my eyes closed and my body was limp. I couldn’t move. All I could do was wait…. Next to me I felt a presence and in my ear she whispered my name and kissed my lips. A shock went through my body and I was able to move. I turned onto my side and opened my eyes; and there she was. I smiled. She smiled. We smiled. She was the missing piece.

The endless table

The more and more I think about it, the more I want it; the more I want you.

The table I sit at is longer when your at the other end. When I look down it I see the darkness of the never ending tunnel to you. I know that if I run for you the table will keep getting longer. The one thing that keeps me going is knowing you are that the other end. So I run for it, I run for you. Trailing me is the universe expanding to keep me away from you. The faster I run, the closer it gets to me. Like a rope tied around my body, it pulls me back. I look behind me and all I see is the darkness of nothing. It grabs and pulls me into it. As I look ahead I can see an outline, an outline of you. At that moment the rope snaps and my body flies forward. It was like the pull of gravity was on my side, pushing me towards you. As I got closer and closer I could see you more and more. I looked behind myself and saw the darkness spreading, surrounding me. But I knew not even the universe itself could keep me away from you. Every second that passed by I was moving faster and faster. The corners of my eyes saw nothing but a blur. I saw the end of the table, and in an instant, there you were. And as fast as you were in my arms, the darkness was gone, and there we stood. Body to body. Soul to soul. And heart to heart.

Nature around me

When I close my eyes this is what I see.

I’m sitting in an open field at night, one that is far away from the city and all its annoyances. Surrounded by nature and all its beauty. Then looking over the river in front of me and just watching the lights of the city on the other side, reflected by the water, shadowed by the moon. Then just laying back on the ground, closing my eyes and listening to the peaceful sounds of the world around me. Then as I open my eyes and look to my side, I see the one person that I truly love lying there next to me. This completes the picture.