New Website design!

I have finished coding the design, and I hope everyone likes it.

I have added new websites to the portfolio and added other content to various pages. I have also updated the blog.

I have had a few comments from people about the orange and colours, so I’m going to create another blue design and let you guys be able choose which one you want to see, using some fun PHP. 🙂

New site design Coming Soon

I’m in the process of coding a new website design for Its a new year so I thought there should be some change. The layout was designed by my brother because I have no style and I’m not good with colours. But this design is very “Web 2.0” in my opinion.

Hopefully it will be released within the week.

1/16/08 – Edit: I have finished coding the website, now i need to clean up the stylesheet and then update this blog, then see if im able to integrate the blog with the new design.

Site changes coming soon

Thats right, there are going to be changes to the entire website. At first was planning to design a completely new and more flexible layout but after trying I gave up. And I realized I’m not good at designing. So, the major changes to the site is the site title and logo. Yep, I made a “Logo” for the website. This should be done sometime when i have free time.

New donation page.

I have finally fully set of my PayPal account and have finally got it verified. I have set up a new page on the website that gives instructions on how to donate to me and this website. The donation page is at This Link and on the home page of the website. If you would like to donate to me and this site your welcome to and it is very appreciated if you do.

Some Changes

I have made a few minor changes to the website and Blog.

Firstly, I have edited the website text to be more professional as suggested by some people, and I have fixed a few bugs I found on the website using the Opera browser.

Lastly, I have changed the Blog’s theme to a nice little blue one (as you can see). The theme I got from the WordPress theme website. It was originally XHTML 1.0 Transitional, but I fixed up the code to be XHTML 1.1.

But now its time to sleep.