Site now managed with Subversion

So I have been wanting to do this for a while but I had to get the new design done and everything organized first.

I now have my website files on my computer synced with a subversion server that I found. So when I update a page I just commit the change to the subversion server and run “svn up” on my website and everything is up to date without me forgetting anything. 😀

New design up

I believe I have finished everything up on the new design. So its up!

The things older browsers and the IE series wont see with this design are the rounded corners, image drop shadow, correct font, check on every visited link in the content and the sites logo in the head. Sorry IE users but I dont wanna hack for you.

I would also like to thank Adobe Kuler for help with the colour scheme and the people who commented on improvements for the design in the beta stages. 🙂

Hope everyone enjoys it.

Revamp and redesign coming soon!

That’s right people! I have been working for the past week brainstorming, coding, and designing the next version of this site. And tonight I have finally [almost] finished the basic design! And I have to say I really like this design. Right now its just 1 file with CSS and HTML, stuff jumbled around, not very organized but thats usually what happens when your messing with stuff as fast as you can. 😛

I’m planning on AJAXing the site up to make it fun for the users. jQuery is looking pretty good right now but I know very little about the AJAX scene so I’m going to have to do a lot of reading on that.

Anyways, its just about 11:30pm and I need to get to bed because I don’t know if school is going to get canceled tomorrow due to the snow that is supposed to hit tonight.

More updates to come.

To anyone who has used my contact form:


I have just found out that the contact form that was on my contact page was not working and not sending emails to me. If you have EVER used the form and I have not replied to the email then I am very very sorry and if you can, then please resend me the message via my email (on the contact page). I have promptly removed the form from the page, so the only and best way to contact me is my email.

I am very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused, and hopefully this wont happen again. And hopefully I can figure out the issue.

Thank you.

This blog is now Subversion Powered!

I’m always bored of the same thing and having to wait for new releases to get new features. So now I have removed all the blogs files and replaced them with the subversion (SVN) files. What SVN is is its a way to get the latest versions of files. So a lot of you may know that wordpress 2.5 is out. Because I am using the latest SVN, this blog is using a development version which is 2.6-bleeding. So I every so often have to “cd” into this directory and “svn up” in SSH so all the files the blog is using are at the latest version 🙂