A few tweaks

Today I did a few tweaks to the CSS by removing the theme switcher since if I want it later it can be better implemented and a few other tweaks to the theme. I have also added the new theme to my portfolio and upgraded Slimbox (the flashy portfolio display).

I’m also going to change the blog theme to another theme I found that’s better and has less bugs then this current one. But I have to edit it up a bit..

New Theme!

So for the past few days I have been working on a new theme for the site and I think I’m finally done with it. 😀

I also added a little div that lets you choose what theme you want if you prefer the old theme.

Another cool thing with this is that today I figured out how to use Sass and spent today converting the css for the theme into sass. The source sass file is here which is then compiled into this. In all I think it makes things a lot easier. 🙂

One thing with the (very) few changes to the sites html is that the slimbox for the portfolio is broken. I need to figure out how to fix it.

Anyways, enjoy the new layout. Comments are welcome 🙂

Server issues

Well for about a day or so this server has been down. It was due to an issue with perl and CentOS updating to 5.3. It was down for so long because I was hoping that the techs would fix it but they never did. So I just restored my server from a backup I made on the 24th. The problem came back when I did but I just ended up fixing it myself this time.

And look. The server is up!


So I have finally got that VPS server I talked about a while back. 😀

I now have my own server I can change how I want! All mine! For free!

Although there is something wrong because I cant send any mail using my contact form so I have to look into that.


I love you Shik! 😀

Webkit hates my site!

I just downloaded the Webkit nightly last night and tried it out. I came to the surprise that it replaced all my text with gibberish.

Example A: http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/1084/picture1glb.png

After I saw that I submitted a bug report because I am not going to sit down and take my site being slaughtered like this!


Ad testing

If you have visited this blog recently you may have noticed some ads. This is because I have been doing some tests with ads to see if I’m able to get any money from these things. So far I have made $0.. I think this is because the site’s target audience do not click on ads or have them blocked but I thought I would test it out.

Been busy

If you didnt know I have another domain at http://www.ultimateflcl.com and I let it die. But awhile ago I posted an announcement asking someone to design a new design for the site and I got one. So I have been working on coding the design and its finally done. The site is now alive and I’m not a bad webmaster anymore!

In other news, I have installed an OpenID plugin into this blog so now you can use your OpenID instead of having to register at yet another site.

Lastly, this server has a few unused IP addresses so I have transferred my account to a dedicated IP instead of the shared one. I then created and installed an SSL certificate for eliloewen.com. So if anyone wants to browse the site with an encrypted connection just go to https://www.eliloewen.com. You will most likely get an invalid certificate or connection error/warning with your browser but thats only because it is a free certificate from cacert.org. The only thing that it doesnt like is that I didnt buy it from one of those expensive SSL companies.