Goodbye Prozac :(

She was my first pet and for 12 years Prozac has been in my family. Sadly last month she was diagnosed with diabetes and was given 2 shots a day and special food. But her health kept declining and she wasn’t getting any better.

On Monday the 9th I let her outside and she never came back in. I even searched around outside at like 10:30 at night looking for her. The next day she was not at the door in the morning and she was not at the door when I came home from school. I looked for her again and she was nowhere to be found.

Hope has finally been lost and the acceptance of her death has come.


RIP Prozac

CentOS Sucks

After getting familiar with my VPS’s OS I have come to realize that it is all I have come to hate. All the software on here is old and outdated and causes a dependency disaster when trying to install current programs. I really wish that cpanel was able to run on Arch Linux. That would make things so much easier. Also, is there a reason CentOS is using Linux kernel 2.6.18 when 2.6.29 is the latest? DUMB!!!!

By the end of this servers life I’m probably gonna compile the newest of about half of the programs on here. 😛

In other news Shik has given me a Status2k license for my server!

Check it out:

I’m thinking MySQL is the next one up to be upgraded. Lets hope I dont corrupt or drop all my databases!

Passed my Senior Project!

For the past like 6 or something months I have been working on my senior project of teaching my schools web design class. And as the final part of the project I have to present it to a panel of 4 judges.

So yesterday I presented to my panel and oddly I got a panel of 6 judges instead of 4. but yeah, I thought I did well and today I was told that I passed!

So I’m done with my Senior Project! And tomorrow I learn what my score is! 😀

Edit: My score is 67/71! From everyone I talked to that makes me the 3rd highest score 😀


So I have finally got that VPS server I talked about a while back. 😀

I now have my own server I can change how I want! All mine! For free!

Although there is something wrong because I cant send any mail using my contact form so I have to look into that.


I love you Shik! 😀


Every day I read up on the current news the internet has to offer and here are a few things that I think.

Marijuana (Cannabis) Legalization/Decriminalization: I’m contently seeing articles floating around that are trying to get people to support the legalization/decriminalization of cannabis. A recent one I have seen was one saying that 40% of Americans supported it. Well you know what? 40% of Americans are stoners! Every fucking argument I have seen is that doing said action and taxing the sale of it would significantly increase money to the government and it would be better for everyone to just do it. Also comparing cannabis to cigarettes saying that the health effects of them are much worse then cannabis so it should be legal to put that up for sale too. Well I have a better idea! How about we just ban cigarettes too? But no, we cant. The cigarette industry is so massive and has so much money, has been around for so long, and has so many lobbyists that this act would fail. Cannabis is a psychoactive drug and that is the only reason people want it; because it makes them feel good. Learn to feel good without needing drugs people.

The Economy: We’re fucked 🙂

Valentine’s Day

So today is Valentine’s Day. Hurray?

Today I went out and bought my suite that I’m going to wear for my senior project. It cost like $360 since I needed to get it tailored and all that fun stuff. Its going to be done Monday so I’m going to go pick it up then.

Other then that I had no girlfriend to spend with today with so I just sat at home and had some good sushi for dinner.