Troubleshooting Virgin Mobile Intercept issues

This post serves as a list of steps to fix virgin mobile intercept issues like not getting MMS or data working. If the step doesnt work then move on to the next step.

Step 1

If you have your phone rooted or modified then revert everything to stock except for /data.

Step 2

Turn off the phone and pull the battery and turn the phone back on.

Step 3

1. Turn on your phone
2. Press the Phone icon on the Home screen
3. Dial #-#-8-4-7-4-4-6-#
4. You are now in the Programming menu. Tap Edit.
5. Tap the field next to “Enter MDN”, a Virtual Keypad will appear on the screen.
6. Enter your 10-digit phone number.
7. Tap the field next to “Enter MSID”, and enter your 10-digit MSID (Different for everyone)
8. Tap OK
9. Tap Activate or done.

The phone will reactivate and restart. Then wait like 4 hours and see if the problem is fixed.

Step 4

Reset your phone. Settings > Privacy > Factory Data Reset

Step 5

Call tech support and tell them you have done all the above steps and you might want to suggest your phone be reset on their network.

Mostly VlexoFree..

VlexoFree Logo

It seems like most of my free time I’ve been spending working on VlexoFree. It must be perfect!

For those of you who don’t know VlexoFree is the free web hosting service that I created after Vlexo free host was left un managed and was going down hill. So I rebranded it and started everything new.

Its at is you want to see it..

Btw the rest of my time is spent in school and study.. fun.

Back to the world

Its been a few months since I have posted here; hope no one has missed me.

There has been a lot that has gone on. Some good some bad. I wont talk about the bad, but know they are there. Most of my summer I slacked off, did nothing, sat in bed, etc. But a highlight of the things I did do are this. The first week of August I went on vacation to Ohio for the birth of my (extremely adorable) niece and hung out with my brothers for the first time in a while. That was nice. Umm, right after that I spent two days at WWU for orientation and after that  I spent a few weeks at my dad’s house remodeling my room so it can be ready for me to move into. I’m really hoping to move in within the week; my boxes are packed and I’m all set (for the most part). The main thing I worry about with college is figuring out my schedule to wake up, catch the bus to the campus, and be ready in the class by the time it starts. But Wednesday is going to be hell for me; that day from 9am until 3pm I have no breaks. That means I’m going to have eat all my lunch during class. But overall I’m hoping it should go well.

Just a little break here to say that a few days ago I bought a 1TB Western Digital My Book for Mac for just $50! If you look you cannot find one of these for under $100. But it was on sale at Best Buy for $65 and I had a $20 gift card from there that I got 2 Christmases ago. This deal was too good for me to pass up. BTW I saw this at 1am in the morning and rushed to buy it. By the time I ordered it was back-ordered 2 weeks.  😛

Currently my projects that I’m working on are with Vlexo. I’m in the middle of a reorganization and restructuring  of the entire Vlexo empire. The best way I saw to do this was the allow to be completely paid hosting and split off the free hosting and turn it into So there are 2 vlexos and they are both joined together with the community forums (
So its going to be:   Vlexo → VlexoForums ← VlexoFree . This is taking a while but I’m hoping this will work out.

Thats it so far. So now its time for me to go to sleep. 😛

My first MP3 player

Right now I’m cleaning my room at my dads to see what I can get rid of and sell and I just came across the case for the first MP3 player I ever got back in 2003. It cost me $140 for this thing.


It is an MPIO FL100. It sports a top of the line one color 3 line LCD display and fantastic 128mb of memory. It also has radio and voice recording. Sadly it got stolen from me at school somewhere in 6th or 7th grade. Oh yeah, and at the time of it being stolen it had a smashed screen so that was pretty useless but the only reason I wanted it was for the radio 😛

Marysville School District and OpenOffice

This is the situation at my school district and how I’m trying to change things.

Two years ago I tried to get my school district to let us install or install OpenOffice (OOo) on our school computers for a variety of reasons (they will be in here), and I kinda gave up for a while when the school received Office 2007. I have since started this vision again, but this time I’m going at it in a different manner.

To get this all going again what I did was contacted the director of Information Systems and Applied Technology, Ken Ainsworth, and asked what the problems were with doing what I wanted to do. His response to everything showed me how dumb the SD is with technology and how things need to change.

What Ken told me was that installing OpenOffice would create serious challenges to the standard district image and it would cause increased bandwidth demand. My first thought was what is this “standard district image” because I had absolutely no idea and just thought it was something he made up. Next was the bandwidth issue; I really had no idea what he meant by this so I assumed that he thought I was talking about “pushing” an OOo install from the central server to the school’s computers so I replied to his email asking the questions I had and for clarification.

In his reply back he sent me a lot more information. Heres his email (I cut two unimportant lines):

Hi Eli,

To maintain a support structure that minimizes our TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), we need to ensure that each of the 6000+ workstations have the same standard software suite. So when computers go sideways, often because of incompatibilities with third party software, instead of installing each application separately, we burn a new software image on the computer that includes our district standard suite of software. That includes the Microsoft productivity suite, but also a host of standard drivers that helps everything work together. The bandwidth issue with Open Office is not that we would need to push it over the network, it is that Open Office is designed in such a way that it hits the web more often does the Microsoft product. (Actually, by default Microsoft does the similar stuff, but we can do things down here to control the problems it creates.)

Open Office has some great attributes, and the initial price is certainly right. However, independent research by the Gartner Group has demonstrated that there are significant hidden costs when it comes to training and support. In an enterprise environment, it is more cost effective to stick to a single standard, and at this time, our standard is Microsoft Office.


I did my research and it really pisses me off how far my district is corrupted by Microsoft. Lets start with this total cost of ownership thing and the reference to the Gartner Group. Im guessing these stats of his came from “research” from the Gartner Group. The thing is, Microsoft has corrupted Gartner Group with a source saying that [it] successfully lobbied and changed the Gartner Group TCO model to show Windows as providing the lowest overall TCO (Source). This makes me disregard his TCO statement and his entire closing paragraph as Gartner Group has been paid almost half a million dollars, according to the article, to not be on my side and to pressure companies from moving to anything but Microsoft products.

Ken also says he basically wants all the computers in the district to have all the same software installed. This is completely understandable from his point of view because a lot of people are really stupid when it comes to computers; and if those people start installing god know what on all these computers then there are going to be some serious issues with them. And what the SD is trying to do is restrict almost all access to adding new software on these computers for that exact reason. But (in my case) if someone who knows what he is doing and knows the right things to do then this shouldn’t be an issue but all it does is make it very hard to do so.

Another thing in this is that everything he is saying is sounding like he thinks that by installing OOo, Microsoft Office just goes away. Not the case. One of the main reasons I want OOo on these computers is because all the computer labs (except one) have Office 2003 or even Office XP. That means students are forced to use an office suite that is about 8 years old/outdated. In Kens first email to me he told me to instead install the Office Compatibility Pack on computers with earlier versions of Office.. That does not solve to problem, its just prolonging it! So basically to make everyone happy have the updated OpenOffice installed and have MS Office on there as an alternative. So his statement about “drivers” is now invalid.

Last but not least, the bandwidth issue! I still had no idea what he was talking about after the second reply and I also had no idea that OOo contacted anything through the internet during use; so I was VERY suspicious about this. To figure out what he was talking about I posted in the OOo support forums asking if they knew. The thread is here: Basically all I got as an answer was that he could be talking about the updater? If he is then that is so insignificant as that can easily be disabled.

In all, I dont know the people who work at the district but with the way everything is run I assume that these ‘head guys’ are around 50 years old or something like that. A lot of those people only know about Microsoft and think that that’s the main or only solution for everything. They have no experience with Linux so they just use what they know. Tell me why anyone would want to pay such huge license fees and buy $xxxxxxx (I dont know the numbers) worth of software and operating systems when the exact same thing can be done with free software. I’ll tell you why; its because all the people working for the district only have experience with a windows infrastructure and things have not really change much in the time they worked there. So if they start changing stuff around and using software they don’t know about or start switching to Linux then those peoples usefulness go out the window and their jobs are replaced.

The software we are forced to use on our computers at school is pitiful. Most of them only have IE installed so we are forced to use what we got. It sucks. I was able though to get Firefox installed on all the computers in the lab that I tough my Web Design class.

To finish this off I want to add that the lies Microsoft tells you are not true. Recently French police switched from Windows to Linux and they said:

Moving from Microsoft XP to Vista would not have brought us many advantages and Microsoft said it would require training of users. Moving from XP to Ubuntu, however, proved very easy. The two biggest differences are the icons and the games. Games are not our priority

This is a great article about a fantastic success story of and cost saving benefits of making the switch to an open source alternative. And to think this happened after they switched from MS Office to OpenOffice.
Read for more info on this. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.

The only way I can see anything changing is if we all speak out about this and we come up with and alternative plan to present to the district or if someone is hired that has the same position I do and with the same motivation for change.

Eli the fearless

A nice creative title for this post as things like “Whats happening” and professional titles were getting boring.

So anyways a lot has happened since I last posted. I’ll start with the VPS that I once had. A few days ago my server and the entire VPS node I was hosted on went down due to a Kernel Panic and it stayed that day for over 2 days. People got pissed and when the server was fixed, Shik couldn’t deal with the reputation his company got and the loss of clients from this downtime so he announced that he was closing his company. When that happened I transferred all my accounts back to Vlexo and my VPS will be shutdown the 19th. It was fun well it lasted.

In news unrelated to the current hosting situation I have a date to my senior prom 😀

Server issues

Well for about a day or so this server has been down. It was due to an issue with perl and CentOS updating to 5.3. It was down for so long because I was hoping that the techs would fix it but they never did. So I just restored my server from a backup I made on the 24th. The problem came back when I did but I just ended up fixing it myself this time.

And look. The server is up!


I just got an email from NU saying I was not accepted. I expected this as my councilor had not sent in all the documents.

The score so far is 1/3.

UW is the last one on the list. If I don’t get my letter tomorrow or Saturday then it will come sometime next week.

And next week is spring break. I’m gonna be so bored :S