Why is Microsoft so stupid??

Seriously, M$ lives in the past and they are afraid to move into the future. IE8 for example. They need to let trident die. For gods sake, IE8 is JUST passing the ACID2 test! The main thing M$ is doing is trying to be compatible with everything before it. Let the web pages that are not coded to standard die already. I could go on and on with this but I’ll just say the gist of it. Every version of IE is bad. It is causing the most harm to the internet then any other browser. So I urge anyone who is still using any version of IE to switch to Firefox or Opera (or Safari if you prefer that) because I’m not going to test my sites with IE anymore and I’m not going to try to hack them to make them work. I will also be using a bunch of HTML, CSS, etc elements that IE does not support, and probably wont support for a long time.

Just a short list of things IE8 wont support are CSS3, SVG, and true XHTML 1.1.

By the way, I’m using Firefox 3.1 beta 3 nightly build, and Opera 10 alpha 1. I also have Safari 3 (and have tested Safari 4 developer beta but I saw no difference) but I don’t use it and don’t like it.

Nothing to do but wait.

Time is running out and and the end is drawing near. Less then a week left until school starts up again.

It seems that I have ran out of things to do on the internet and so im bored.. Sucks huh? But its a good thing I have a great girlfriend (Hailey) to hang out with and keep me from living a lonely life.

But apart from me being bored and all that stuff, WordPress 2.7’s new admin interface seems to be really nice ;). And the new plugin fresh from the Mozilla Labs for Firefox called Ubiquity is really really useful. So im going ot add that to my top 3 FF plugin list!

  1. Adblock Plus – Not seeing all those ads makes life so much better.
  2. Ubiquity – Even in 0.1 alpha this thing is godly.
  3. Foxmarks – Makes life easy when you have multiple OS’s and a portable firefox.

Theres the list, enjoy it 😀

Also I added a theme to this blog…. And recoded it to be XHTML 1.1. Would you expect anything less?


Miro Logo

Since my reinstall of Ubuntu (to upgrade to Hardy) my computer has been empty. But the other day I wanted to go nuts and i went into the Ubuntu repos and started installing! I installed a bunch of media applications and as I was going through them Miro caught my attention.

Miro is an internet TV program that is just fantastic. Firstly, the program is open source and I love open source. It is also very feature rich! There is so much it has and does that I really don’t want to explain it all. But I will say that Miro has my highest seal of approval!

Miro is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. And to get it (i recommend it), go here: https://www.getmiro.com


I just saw this. Its Googles new 411 service. I think this is really cool. First of all it 100% free, I love free, and Google does a great job at providing free stuff, and all you have to do is call 1-800-GOOG-411 (1-800-466-4411) and say your location and what you want to search for.

Just another great invention by Google.