Welcome IE6 Users!

Actually not.

If you are using IE6 and have visited my site then you should be very familiar with what I have done. And your probably mad at me right now. But you know what? I don’t care! You are obsolete and I refuse to let you even look at my site.

For everyone else who uses a more up to date browser this is what I have done. I have added some PHP code to my doctype page which is included in all of the pages on my site (blog excluded) and the code detects to see if the browser that is being used to view my site is IE6 or not. If it is detected as IE6 then they are instantaneously redirected to a special page that I have made for them.

That page is: http://www.eliloewen.com/ie6.php (Can only see it with IE6)

Basically all the page does is randomly pick 1 of 5 “I hate IE” pictures that I have and displays one.

I hope you enjoy that page 🙂

And in all seriousness. If you still use IE6, the entire internet and every good web developer in the world hate you. So upgrade to Firefox, Safari, Opera, or IE8.

For as long as you use IE6 you will not be able to see my website.

Enjoy my blog 🙂

EXT4 fun

So today I updated the kernel on my desktop to 2.6.28 and with the update comes the stable EXT4. So I thought what the hell, it should be simple to do this migration from ext3 to ext4. It relatively was.

First I converted my /home and / filesystems to ext4. Then I had to boot into the arch live cd, update it, and fsck my partitions. There were a lot of errors that it found.. Anyways, I did that then I tried booting… what do I get? Cannot mount root partition —- KERNEL PANIC!!! So i tried to mount it from the live cd but the kernel on there didnt support ext4 so couldnt do that.. then I tried booting into the fallback kernel, and that worked! So after some messing around, I rebuilt the kernel and that seemed to do the trick. All works and I’m running EXT4. But I’m still waiting to try BTRFS.. Maybe there will be a dev version in 2.6.29.

MacBook unwrapping!

So I got my new MacBook on the 21st but I have been very busy to make the post on here. So now I have decided to relax and take a break. So right now my break includes updating my blog!

So far my impressions of my MacBook are that it is one fantastic laptop! iSight is crystal clear, the multi-touch trackpad is one of the best features. OS X only supports 4 finger tracking so far but I saw a video that shows it is capable of tracking up to 11. But 4 is good enough 😛 .

This is my first time using OS X so I’m fairly new to it. But the OS is pretty easy to use and learn. But the way the file system is laid out seems to me a little unorganized and that Linux is better in that field. Really, if Linux supported everything my MacBook has then I would be using that right now. But I guess I’ll get use to it.

I did do some experimenting and partitioned the HDD and added 2 new ones (main and swap) to install arch on. But when I installed it I get a lot of dbus errors. It could be something I did, but whatever. I also couldn’t get my trackpad fully functioning. So in a day or so I’m going to install Ubuntu intrepid over arch and see if everything works there.

Now, below is a gallery of pictures of that happy day. 🙂

Buying a MacBook?

Well today I started thinking about buying one of the new MacBook laptops. And when I say new, I mean new. These were just released today. For a while now I have really wanted and maybe needed a laptop for school. I am going to need one sooner or later for college anyways.

But so my choices are buying the MacBook or a regular non apple laptop. The macbook’s are the most advanced and top of the line laptops and the one I would get would be a final cost of about $1500. But I do have the money to buy it, it would be a huge chunk out of my savings.
Then there is the regular laptop. They can range from $600-3000.. These laptops tend to break down faster the apple’s and are less reliable. But these are also more customizable. These tend to have Vista install by default but I would end up just installing Arch Linux on it (There is no way I’m going back to windows).

I guess I’ll think about it and see if my parents will pitch in some money to help the cause :D.

Life goes on

Well I guess I’ll talk about whats going on with me.

A week or so ago I installed the newest version of Songbird which since the last time I used it has very much improved. So because I always hated having to go into windows and into iTunes to manage my iPod, I transfered my entire music library to my Linux and loaded it all into Songbird. Now no more windows to manage the iPod.
I also managed to edit a file and mess it up on my computer so when I restarted, Arch would not boot. And this is where I learned how to boot into the CD and mount my root Linux partition and revert the messed up file. Without the mistakes how will we ever learn new things 😛 .

Right now I’m ‘winning’ at my senior project with having 37 out of my required 40 community service hours done with. In the end of everyhting I should have far over my required hours. In the Web design class that im teaching we are just getting into CSS and to me its fun since I know all this stuff well enough to teach an entire class.

About three days every week I have to stay after school for NHS, ASB, and Mentoring. Hopefully all this is going to be worth it when I’m applying for a college. And I have registared for the SAT that will be in November. I really need to study.

The last thing I got is that tomorrow morning I have to go the the college and take the ASSET test which if I pass I will be able to get 5 collage credits for my english class. If I dont pass this I am going to be really dissapointed. So hopefully I’m going to do well.

Whats happening with Eli?

It seems that I haven’t posted anything about whats happening with me in a while. So I guess I’ll fill you all in about everything going on with me recently.

I will start this off by talking about my new OS. So I have been using Ubuntu linux for all of my Linux life, but I was always being held back, and I wanted more control over what I had installed. You see with Ubuntu when you install it it comes installed with a pre-built desktop environment and a bunch of applications that are useful and a bunch more applications that are just useless for me. Also a big thing that I didnt like was that most of the files are out of date. I love having the newest of everything and Ubuntu just wasn’t cutting it for me. Now I know that Ubuntu is made for Linux “noobs” and up to date software means bugs and complaints from the people who have absolutely no idea whats going on, so I guess its good for that reason. So. I looked around the web for the best distro that would suit my needs, and I have found it. ArchLinux. This distro installs with only the minimal amount of apps and with no desktop environment. Its is great because I get to install, setup, and configure everything I want the way I want. One of the best parts about this is that ArchLinux is on a rolling release cycle, meaning all the software in the repos are up to date all the time.

Another thing that I have been doing (or not doing) is my senior project. I have to create lesson plans and the entire curriculum for the web design class that I’m going to teach. I REALLY need to get working on this! I need motivation. Someone motivate me!!!!

I also need to start studying my SAT book… I need to take the SAT!!!!! AHHHHHH!

The last thing is I have just installed Rockbox on my ipod. Again. Hopefully this time the battery will last.


Miro Logo

Since my reinstall of Ubuntu (to upgrade to Hardy) my computer has been empty. But the other day I wanted to go nuts and i went into the Ubuntu repos and started installing! I installed a bunch of media applications and as I was going through them Miro caught my attention.

Miro is an internet TV program that is just fantastic. Firstly, the program is open source and I love open source. It is also very feature rich! There is so much it has and does that I really don’t want to explain it all. But I will say that Miro has my highest seal of approval!

Miro is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. And to get it (i recommend it), go here: https://www.getmiro.com

I hacked my iPod!

I got bored of my iPod, and it doesn’t look like Apple is coming out with any new firmware for a while so i decided to install a new OS on it. The install process went flawlessly, and it was very easy. All I had to do was extract the firmware to the iPod and install the bootloader. I thought something like this would be complicated, but i guess not. I wanted to install iPod Linux but there site said that they are making a new version of the installer, and everything looks complicated, and i don’t want to brick it so I chose a different OS. After installing the new OS I realized that Apples OS was extremely boring and did very little. I also bought Pac-Man from itunes for it, and the new OS i see has Pac-man. What a waist of $$. In addition to Pac-man there are also 30 other games, including Doom :D. Yeah, i installed Doom for it. There are LOTS of themes for it to, I think ill install a bunch and see what ones i like the best.

In conclusion this is a fantastic way to keep you from getting bored and saving money by not having to buy itunes games. You are able to dual boot both OSs (new and old) thats a plus. But it is packed with tons of settings, the average stupid person i think could brick their ipod by changing some of these. Also, album art is not supported, but there is a pluging for it to work but it is very buggy and only supports .bmp images, and i use jpg :(.

Heres my current theme as of NOW:
My current iPod theme

New computer

A few weeks ago I acquired myself a Semi-new computer. This is MY first GOOD computer that I ever had so I’m kinda excited about it. The best part about it is that it was completely Free! This computer was originally my brothers computer that he built for himself, but, for my birthday he decided to give it to me. I guess because he bought himself a new laptop and he didn’t need a desktop.

The computer has a AMD Athlon 64 3000+ CPU (a bit lower then what I would get, but its fine), 1 GB of professional gaming memory (1 stick (512MB) I sent off back to the factory because it had memory errors), a shinny OCZ 520 watt power supply, MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum Motherboard, ATI All-In-Wonder 9600XT, 2 160 GB hardrives, and other stuff.

At first I installed XP and then decided, “what the hell, I have been using XP since it came out.” so I formated the hard drive and installed Vista Ultimate 😉 . So I have came to the conclusion that vista is better then XP. Except for one thing. Vista does NOT support the ATI All-In-Wonder TV and FM tune (or vice versa). That kinda pissed me off because I liked those features. Now all I can do is wait and see if ATI is going to update the software or drivers or whatever the hell they need to do.

Anyways, the computer is still great, and all I need to do now is buy myself a monitor. Its going to be a 19 inch LCD one. About $200.