Nature around me #2

I’m sitting in an open field. The weather is warm and there is not a cloud in the sky. The sun is shining on everything that I can see. There are no buildings, streets, electricity, or any other sign on humanity as far as I can see or hear. The grass I’m sitting on is green and filled with life, as well as the trees I see that around me. The sound of birds echos in the air and drift away with the breeze that sweeps by. As I sit there my body relaxes and all stress leaves me, clearing my mind and opening it to the pure nature around. Any memory or thought of the world I came from quickly leaves my mind and disappears leaving only the now and the future. I think to myself how this all exists. The random natural perfection that I see amazes me and no matter what I look at, I don’t see a creator; I don’t see a designer; I see nature. The untouched path that is perfect in all ways imaginable.

The sun shines bright in my eyes and I close them. The sounds around me get louder and the little things are now more noticeable. Its peaceful. Its relaxing. I fall back into the soft cushion of the the grass; my arms are spread out to my sides. It felt as though the ground had formed around me into the perfect shape. As I lay there I lose track of time. I thought to myself how long I had been laying there. Had it been 1 hour? 2 hours? a day? I didn’t know. I didn’t care. I was where I wanted to be. But a feeling went through my body; a piece was missing.

The sounds around me started to fade and the red of the sunlight through my eyelids turned to black. I was asleep.

I awoke to the sound of a voice. A voice of a girl saying my name. The sun in my face kept my eyes closed and my body was limp. I couldn’t move. All I could do was wait…. Next to me I felt a presence and in my ear she whispered my name and kissed my lips. A shock went through my body and I was able to move. I turned onto my side and opened my eyes; and there she was. I smiled. She smiled. We smiled. She was the missing piece.

Eli the fearless

A nice creative title for this post as things like “Whats happening” and professional titles were getting boring.

So anyways a lot has happened since I last posted. I’ll start with the VPS that I once had. A few days ago my server and the entire VPS node I was hosted on went down due to a Kernel Panic and it stayed that day for over 2 days. People got pissed and when the server was fixed, Shik couldn’t deal with the reputation his company got and the loss of clients from this downtime so he announced that he was closing his company. When that happened I transferred all my accounts back to Vlexo and my VPS will be shutdown the 19th. It was fun well it lasted.

In news unrelated to the current hosting situation I have a date to my senior prom 😀

Server issues

Well for about a day or so this server has been down. It was due to an issue with perl and CentOS updating to 5.3. It was down for so long because I was hoping that the techs would fix it but they never did. So I just restored my server from a backup I made on the 24th. The problem came back when I did but I just ended up fixing it myself this time.

And look. The server is up!


I just got an email from NU saying I was not accepted. I expected this as my councilor had not sent in all the documents.

The score so far is 1/3.

UW is the last one on the list. If I don’t get my letter tomorrow or Saturday then it will come sometime next week.

And next week is spring break. I’m gonna be so bored :S

Welcome IE6 Users!

Actually not.

If you are using IE6 and have visited my site then you should be very familiar with what I have done. And your probably mad at me right now. But you know what? I don’t care! You are obsolete and I refuse to let you even look at my site.

For everyone else who uses a more up to date browser this is what I have done. I have added some PHP code to my doctype page which is included in all of the pages on my site (blog excluded) and the code detects to see if the browser that is being used to view my site is IE6 or not. If it is detected as IE6 then they are instantaneously redirected to a special page that I have made for them.

That page is: (Can only see it with IE6)

Basically all the page does is randomly pick 1 of 5 “I hate IE” pictures that I have and displays one.

I hope you enjoy that page 🙂

And in all seriousness. If you still use IE6, the entire internet and every good web developer in the world hate you. So upgrade to Firefox, Safari, Opera, or IE8.

For as long as you use IE6 you will not be able to see my website.

Enjoy my blog 🙂

Goodbye Prozac :(

She was my first pet and for 12 years Prozac has been in my family. Sadly last month she was diagnosed with diabetes and was given 2 shots a day and special food. But her health kept declining and she wasn’t getting any better.

On Monday the 9th I let her outside and she never came back in. I even searched around outside at like 10:30 at night looking for her. The next day she was not at the door in the morning and she was not at the door when I came home from school. I looked for her again and she was nowhere to be found.

Hope has finally been lost and the acceptance of her death has come.


RIP Prozac

CentOS Sucks

After getting familiar with my VPS’s OS I have come to realize that it is all I have come to hate. All the software on here is old and outdated and causes a dependency disaster when trying to install current programs. I really wish that cpanel was able to run on Arch Linux. That would make things so much easier. Also, is there a reason CentOS is using Linux kernel 2.6.18 when 2.6.29 is the latest? DUMB!!!!

By the end of this servers life I’m probably gonna compile the newest of about half of the programs on here. 😛

In other news Shik has given me a Status2k license for my server!

Check it out:

I’m thinking MySQL is the next one up to be upgraded. Lets hope I dont corrupt or drop all my databases!