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Its been a few months since I have posted here; hope no one has missed me.

There has been a lot that has gone on. Some good some bad. I wont talk about the bad, but know they are there. Most of my summer I slacked off, did nothing, sat in bed, etc. But a highlight of the things I did do are this. The first week of August I went on vacation to Ohio for the birth of my (extremely adorable) niece and hung out with my brothers for the first time in a while. That was nice. Umm, right after that I spent two days at WWU for orientation and after that  I spent a few weeks at my dad’s house remodeling my room so it can be ready for me to move into. I’m really hoping to move in within the week; my boxes are packed and I’m all set (for the most part). The main thing I worry about with college is figuring out my schedule to wake up, catch the bus to the campus, and be ready in the class by the time it starts. But Wednesday is going to be hell for me; that day from 9am until 3pm I have no breaks. That means I’m going to have eat all my lunch during class. But overall I’m hoping it should go well.

Just a little break here to say that a few days ago I bought a 1TB Western Digital My Book for Mac for just $50! If you look you cannot find one of these for under $100. But it was on sale at Best Buy for $65 and I had a $20 gift card from there that I got 2 Christmases ago. This deal was too good for me to pass up. BTW I saw this at 1am in the morning and rushed to buy it. By the time I ordered it was back-ordered 2 weeks.  😛

Currently my projects that I’m working on are with Vlexo. I’m in the middle of a reorganization and restructuring  of the entire Vlexo empire. The best way I saw to do this was the allow to be completely paid hosting and split off the free hosting and turn it into So there are 2 vlexos and they are both joined together with the community forums (
So its going to be:   Vlexo → VlexoForums ← VlexoFree . This is taking a while but I’m hoping this will work out.

Thats it so far. So now its time for me to go to sleep. 😛

3 thoughts on “Back to the world”

  1. its good to see some life signs from you
    how long does a one way ride to your school take?
    i cant believe they didnt planned some break for you on wednesday. Is a long school day without break even allowed?

    good deal with you harddrive
    how are you going to use it?
    i only plug in my hard drives when i have to use them. But i also know that some poeple let them on when they are using their computer.
    * all my extern hard drives have different 2 piece adapters which is making me go crazy when i have to attach one to my computer cause i can never find the right ones*

    good luck with your vlexo empire stuff
    (aka i have no idea what this vlexo stuff is)

    1. Hey nam!

      I dont know how long the ride to the university is all that stuff i need to find out.

      There is no “they”, I picked my classes and this was the only “good” schedule I could get.

      Im gonna use my hard drive for backup and file storage. It only has one plug and comes with the cord so im happy.

      And Vlexo is a hosting company I run. I’m trying to get it to be popular and modern.

      Hows life with you? Whats new?

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