OpenOffice +1

Because I am not giving up on this idea to get at least one computer lab at my school installed with OpenOffice (and a updated version of Firefox), yesterday I installed OOo on one computer to see if everything worked and didn’t break anything on the computer. I installed it, tested it out, and made sure nothing was broken and everything worked flawlessly. To comply with the school districts potential problems with it, I did not install the Update Component of OOo and left out the boot startup stuff that makes it supposedly load faster but uses up resources.

Next step: OOo Lab.

3 thoughts on “OpenOffice +1”

  1. how come you can do that stuff to school computers?
    When i was at school only the admin could add adn remove programs

    I dont have good experiences with open office
    My last experience with open office is that it destroyed my excel files

    1. I had my teacher who had root computer access to login so I could install it. I haven’t had OOo destroy anything of mine yet so hopefully they improved it since then.

  2. When Eli has a will… He gets his way! lol

    Nice work. I can understand what they are saying about breakages, most schools “School Zones” try and use everything that all the other schools in that zone. They are like old people trying to understand that “Updating” your software won’t hurt it!

    “What do I need to update for? Everything works fine” is what they say. Not caring that they actually may well benifit from “Changing”

    Keep at them Eli 😀

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