CentOS Sucks

After getting familiar with my VPS’s OS I have come to realize that it is all I have come to hate. All the software on here is old and outdated and causes a dependency disaster when trying to install current programs. I really wish that cpanel was able to run on Arch Linux. That would make things so much easier. Also, is there a reason CentOS is using Linux kernel 2.6.18 when 2.6.29 is the latest? DUMB!!!!

By the end of this servers life I’m probably gonna compile the newest of about half of the programs on here. 😛

In other news Shik has given me a Status2k license for my server!

Check it out: http://status.eliloewen.com

I’m thinking MySQL is the next one up to be upgraded. Lets hope I dont corrupt or drop all my databases!

4 thoughts on “CentOS Sucks”

  1. I’m confused? You are re writing updates? You are one smart cookie champ! I know the troubles with cent lol go cpanel! Let me know how you go with the updates

    1. Well I had the techs update mysql to the latest version and I had them install python 2.6.1.

      Then I say that phpmyadmin was really outdated so I updated that 😀

  2. I just ran away from CentOS to Debian.

    I accidentally left the recommended system at a certain host and they installed centos. What a pain in the arse!

    Debian/APT beats the crap out of CentOS/Yum

    Following tutorials with apt-get is a breeze.

    Thank you Debian team!

  3. Old post but I’d like to comment that CentOS focuses primarily on package maturity to measure stability. I absolutely love Arch however, I would never use it for a server. CentOS requires far less work when it comes to securing a server. Unfortunately, this requires a ton of custom building when you can’t find repositories with the software you want. As for Debian, it’s all right. Apt is a bit of an annoyance for me.

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