Vacations over :'(

My trip to Las Vegas is coming to an end. Skydiving is a 5/5, 10/10, or 20/7. The best part of it is when you first jump out of the plane and the first seconds of free fall. I would do again in a heartbeat if I have the chance.

I then walked the entire Vegas strip, looking at all the hotels and etc. It was fun and all that, I got 10 hrs of ILP PE hours. And we went out for food, stayed with “dancers”, and went on rides 1000 feet in the air at the Stratosphere. All in all it was a good week-end.

Right now I’m writing this in the airport terminal waiting to get on the plane to go home. I’m really surprised that this airport has free wifi, all the wifi I have seen at airports have been pay to surf.

Now I must charge my laptop for the flight ahead.

1 thought on “Vacations over :'(”

  1. Oh how I wish I could experience what you felt. Whenever I get the free time and have enough money. This will def be on the cards (Not the whole Vegas theme.. Somewhere in Aus).

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