College applications: 1 down 3 to go.

I have been working for 5 days straight on my University of Washington application and I’m finally done.

I’M DONE!!!!!!

Next is Ohio State University, Northwestern, and Western Washington University.

2 thoughts on “College applications: 1 down 3 to go.”

  1. WOW. It actually took 5 days? I heard that applications in the US are pretty heavy but jeepers o.O

    In Aus it all depends on how you do in your exams. You get an “Enter” score (like a percentage that it is impossible to get higher than 99.98 which 3-6 people get a year!). Once you get the enter score then you can choose your classes. The higher your enter score the better chance you have.

    Though you can’t get an enter score of 40 and expect to be a surgeon! There are minimum “entry scores”.

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