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  1. Feels good doesn’t it! Thank-you cards are a necessary evil crteaed by satan in league with Hallmark.Now the accountant in me comes out would you and your lovely wife kindly cash the cheque! I was honored to be your best man & MC, call on me for any anniversary.

  2. Ich hasse auch den Februar, das ist für mich der Monat mit Anträge stellen, Gutachten einreichen, trockene Nase von der kalten Luft und Heizung, usw. Einziges Highlight ist tatsächlich die Wirtschaft 😀

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  4. Oh I’ve seen this many times, when I lived in London. Once on a train, when the train was full! Everybody pretended they didn’t see it while the disgusting chap sat opposite me and leered through the whole thing! Another time when I was alone in the compartment with the chap who suddenly stood up and waved it at me! Just like a flag pole! Just as well the train was coming up to my stop so I could jump off the train, just after giving him a really bored look. I was never so relieved to get off in one piece really!

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