I hacked my iPod!

I got bored of my iPod, and it doesn’t look like Apple is coming out with any new firmware for a while so i decided to install a new OS on it. The install process went flawlessly, and it was very easy. All I had to do was extract the firmware to the iPod and install the bootloader. I thought something like this would be complicated, but i guess not. I wanted to install iPod Linux but there site said that they are making a new version of the installer, and everything looks complicated, and i don’t want to brick it so I chose a different OS. After installing the new OS I realized that Apples OS was extremely boring and did very little. I also bought Pac-Man from itunes for it, and the new OS i see has Pac-man. What a waist of $$. In addition to Pac-man there are also 30 other games, including Doom :D. Yeah, i installed Doom for it. There are LOTS of themes for it to, I think ill install a bunch and see what ones i like the best.

In conclusion this is a fantastic way to keep you from getting bored and saving money by not having to buy itunes games. You are able to dual boot both OSs (new and old) thats a plus. But it is packed with tons of settings, the average stupid person i think could brick their ipod by changing some of these. Also, album art is not supported, but there is a pluging for it to work but it is very buggy and only supports .bmp images, and i use jpg :(.

Heres my current theme as of NOW:
My current iPod theme

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